Oct 14, 2021

Parish Dinner -- Feast of St Luke -- October 18th

Join us for a Solemn Mass on Monday, October 18th at 5:30pm -- Feast of St Luke, the patron of our church building!

Followed by Father Ryan's Famous Brisket parish dinner at 7pm!

Bring family and friends - all are welcome! (Father is cooking up about 90 pounds of brisket!)

[also note the following changes to the parish schedule these weeks (on account of the Diocesan Synod) --   no 7am Mass or afternoon confessions on Friday, Oct 15; added 5:30pm Mass on Friday, Oct 15; no afternoon confessions on Thursday, Oct 21; no 7am Mass or afternoon confessions on Friday, Oct 22; no 9am Mass on Saturday, Oct 23.]  

[Added 5:30pm Mass on Monday, Nov 1 (All Saints Day, not a holy day of obligation this year).  Three All Souls Day Masses at 5:30pm on Tuesday, Nov 2]

Oct 13, 2021

Adult Faith Formation, October 12th -- Carmelite Spirituality, Session 1 -- Introduction to Christian Prayer and Carmelite Spirituality

 Course objectives: In this class, the first of seven, we give an overview of the Catholic approach to the spiritual life. We see, especially from the writings of St Teresa of Avila, what are the common pitfalls to spiritual growth and why many modernist approaches to prayer (for example, eastern style mediations like yoga or centering prayer) will be most injurious to the soul.  We also give an outline of how to make a holy hour (or even to take thirty minutes in mental prayer).

Sunday Sermon, October 10th -- Gaining Eternal Life

The rich man asked our Lord, "What must I do to gain eternal life?"  The problem with this question is twofold. First, he underestimates the state of man after the fall: Without God's grace, there is nothing we can possibly to to attain salvation.  Second, he takes too narrow and legalistic a read of the Commandments - he does not understand that to "not kill" means not only not to murder but not even to have anger towards our neighbor, etc.

However, by God's grace, all is possible - even eternal life!  Furthermore, Our Lord tells St Peter that any sacrifice we make for God is really no sacrifice at all, since we receive an hundredfold in this life, and eternal salvation in the life to come.

Listen online [here]!

Oct 11, 2021

Changes to the Parish Schedule in October and early days of November

Please note a few changes to the parish schedule in the next couple weeks.

Wednesday, October 13th - No afternoon confessions. Pro-life 40 Days for Life Procession from Lourdes to PP and back, 5:30-6:30pm.

Friday, October 15th - No 7am Mass, No afternoon confessions. (Father Ryan is at Diocesan Synod). 
There will be a 5:30pm Mass.

Monday, October 18th - Feast of St Luke! Solemn Mass, 5:30pm. Parish brisket dinner, 7pm.

Thursday, October 21st - No afternoon confessions (Father Ryan is at the Diocesan Synod)

Friday, October 22nd - No 7am Mass. No afternoon confessions. (Father Ryan is at the Diocesan Synod)

Saturday, October 23rd - No 9am Mass. (Father Ryan is at Diocesan Synod)

Monday, November 1st - 5:30pm Mass for All Saints Day (Not a holy day of obligation this year).

Tuesday, November 2nd - 5:30pm Masses for All Souls Day

Oct 4, 2021

Sunday Sermon, October 3rd -- Holy Marriages and the Family Rosary

The institution of marriage has suffered three great assaults in our Nation: the proliferation of contraception, the permitting of no-fault divorce, and the recent re-definition of marriage between a man and a woman.

What can Catholics do to have a happy and holy marriage? Certainly the family Rosary is key!  This gains us the grace to sacrifice for the others in our family, and to be truly kind.

Finally, we note that the massive energy, time, and money that the Church commits to youth ministry is largely wasted and shows almost no real benefit (though certainly helpful in particular cases, the general trend is toward the ever greater apostacy of our youth). However, if children come from intact, Catholic homes, they remain likely to continue the practice of the faith into adulthood. The answer is not more and more youth ministry (as important as that is), but primarily to promote marriage enrichment and strong Catholic family life.

Listen online [here]!