Jan 25, 2016

Sunday Sermon, January 24 -- On the Inspiration and Inerrancy of Sacred Scripture

Scripture is truly the Word of God in human words. The Holy Spirit inspired all that is in the Bible, and there is nothing in the Bible which God did not inspire. In this sense, the Bible is fully divine and fully human.
However, the Bible was given to the world through the Church. In fact, the Catholic Church came before the Bible (even before there was such a thing as an "Hebrew Bible" or "Jewish Scriptures", which was only established about 200 years after the Church came to be). The books of the Bible were accepted as inspired precisely because they were used in the Mass in those churches which the Apostles themselves had established. In this sense, the Mass is older than the Bible, and the Bible comes from the Mass which is to say that Sacred Scripture comes from the heart of the Church.

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