Dec 29, 2015

Christmas Sermon: Imitating Jesus in Consecration to Mary and Joseph

Jesus chose to come into the world through the Blessed Virgin Mary, and he was totally consecrated to her in all things. Her will was his will, her desires his desires, her joys his joys, her sorrows his sorrows. Jesus began his saving plan in the womb of Mary and competed the work of redemption with her at his side. As Christians, we are called to be Christ-like. This is why we must consecrate ourselves Mary: Because Jesus was truly consecrated to his most holy Mother.
Furthermore, Mary wasn't only a woman, she was a wife. If we love the wife, we must love the husband. And, even as Jesus entrusted himself to the care and patronage of St Joseph, we too consecrated ourselves to St Joseph as the Patron of the Universal Church.

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