Nov 8, 2015

Sunday Sermon, November 8 -- How to Not Become A Poor Forgotten Soul In Purgatory

Sunday Sermon, November 8 -- How to not become a poor forgotten soul in purgatory.

Our prayers can assist the souls in purgatory who can't help themselves in any way. We also want to be sure that if we are in purgatory we don't end up forgotten and languishing in the agonizing pains of purgatory with no one to pray for us.

A few ways to not be forgotten:
1) Ask family and friends to pray for you. 
2) Let your funeral be a real funeral, a Mass of the Dead (black vestments, no canonization). 
3) Be devoted to the poor souls during your life. 
4) Stay close to Mary (rosary, scapular). 
5) Be a saint.

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