Nov 28, 2015

Daily Sermons, November 23 - 26

Sermons from daily Masses, November 23 through 26.
St Clement I, Vietnamese Martyrs, St Catherine of Alexandria, Requiem.

Nov 22, 2015

Christ the King Sunday, November 22 -- St Vincent Ferrer and the End of Time

Sunday, November 22 -- Feast of Christ the King

Before beginning the homily, I explain why our parish offers Mass "ad orientem" (the priest facing toward God with the people). Also an explanation of why we say the Eucharistic prayer in a quieter tone of voice at Corpus Christi.

St Vincent Ferrer was the great wonder worker whom God sent to prepare the world for the day of judgment, which would have occurred had not men been converted by his preaching. St Vincent worked far more miracles than any other saint!
St Vincent explained that we belong to Christ's Kingdom and will persevere in the Last Days only if we have true faith and accept all the Jesus has revealed through his Church.

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Talks at Gregorian Chant Conference, November 20 and 21

Chant 101 -- An Introduction to Reading and Signing Gregorian Chant.
Ursuline Centre, Great Falls, MT
November 20-22, 2015

Nov 21, 2015

Daily Sermons -- November 17 to 21

Sermons from Daily Masses, November 17 to 21.
St Elizabeth of Hungry, Basilicas of Sts Peter and Paul, Requiem, Presentation of Mary.

Nov 15, 2015

Pre-Advent Morning of Reflection, November 14 -- Solemn Liturgical Worship and Perpetual Adoration

Conference I, Adoration and the Mass
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Conference II, Solemn Adoration and Perpetual Adoration
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Sunday Sermon, November 15 -- Meditating upon Death

Sunday Sermon, November 15 -- Meditating often upon our death.
First, a mini-homily on the Perfect Knowledge of Christ, who most certainly did know the day and the hour of the Judgement (even though it seems as though he says the opposite in today's Gospel).
The importance of meditating upon death, and heaven. Consider what you will wish you had done differently when you are dying, and make the changes needed right now to prepare for an holy death.

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Daily Sermons, November 11 -14

Sermons from daily Masses, November 11-14.
St Martin, Mother Cabrini, St Josephat.

Nov 8, 2015

Sunday Sermon, November 8 -- How to Not Become A Poor Forgotten Soul In Purgatory

Sunday Sermon, November 8 -- How to not become a poor forgotten soul in purgatory.

Our prayers can assist the souls in purgatory who can't help themselves in any way. We also want to be sure that if we are in purgatory we don't end up forgotten and languishing in the agonizing pains of purgatory with no one to pray for us.

A few ways to not be forgotten:
1) Ask family and friends to pray for you. 
2) Let your funeral be a real funeral, a Mass of the Dead (black vestments, no canonization). 
3) Be devoted to the poor souls during your life. 
4) Stay close to Mary (rosary, scapular). 
5) Be a saint.

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Weekday Sermons, November 3 - 7

Sermons for daily Masses, November 3 - 7.

Black Vestments, The Requiem Mass, Purgatory, Praying for Dead Priests, Sabbatine Privilege.

Nov 4, 2015

Sunday Sermon, November 1 -- Feast of All Saints, Defending Devotion to the Saints

The logic of devotion to the saints.

Christ is the head, the church is the body. The saints especially are the body. To take Christ without the saints is to attempt a theological decapitation! It is grotesque to come to Christ Jesus without his saints.

How the saints show us God's greatness and lead us to love God more perfectly.

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Weekday Sermons -- October 27 through 31

Sermons from daily Masses, October 27 - 31.
St Frumentius, Sts Simon and Jude, Thursday Eucharistic Devotion, On Loving God, The Assumption of St Joseph.