Oct 27, 2015

Sunday Sermon, October 25 -- Praying the Rosary Well

Sunday, October 25 -- Ideas on how to pray the Rosary well.
The power and necessity of the Holy Rosary. Practical ideas on how to meditate with the Rosary, and on how to pray the Family Rosary.

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Oct 26, 2015

Daily Sermons, October 20 - 24

Daily Mass Homilies, October 20 through 24.
St Isaac Jogues, St Joseph, St John Paul II, St John of Capistrano, Sorrowful Mysteries.

Oct 18, 2015

Sunday Sermon, October 18 -- St. Luke, the Ox of the New Testament

Solemnity of St. Luke the Evangelist, in the Church of St Luke.

St Luke was of Greek descent, and never met Christ in person. Having converted to the faith, St Luke as a close disciple and friend of St Paul. He wrote a Gospel and Acts of the Apostles. His Gospel as the Apostolic Authority of St. Paul as it's foundation.

St Luke is pictured under the figure of an ox:
1) An ox is the symbol of Temple sacrifice, and St Luke's Gospel begins with Temple sacrifice and focuses on the Temple.
2) The ox is the hardest working of all farm animals, and St Luke labored for Christ in preaching with St Paul and especially in writing the Gospel which bears his name. St Luke is far and away the most prolific New Testament author -- his Gospel and Acts are the two longest books of the New Testament. St Luke wrote about 1/3 of the whole New Testament!

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Oct 17, 2015

Daily Sermons, October 13 - 17

Daily Sermons, October 13 through 17.
The Fatima Story, St Callistus I, St Margaret Mary, St Joseph.

Oct 12, 2015

Sunday Sermon, October 11 -- On Poverty of Spirit in the Midst of Riches

Sunday Sermon, October 11 -- On poverty of spirit in the midst of riches.

Jesus tells us that it is difficult to be saved, and that it is very hard for a rich man to be saved.
In this sermon we discuss how a Christian can be saved while yet possessing and even increasing his wealth.

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Saturday Sermon on the Rosary with St Joseph: The Hidden Life at Nazareth

Saturday Series on Rosary Meditations with St Joseph -- The Obedience of Jesus and Mary to St Joseph in the House of Nazareth.

Oct 7, 2015

Rosary Meditation with St Joseph: The Finding of the Child Jesus

Saturday, October 3 -- The Finding of the Child Jesus by St Joseph

Sunday Sermon, October 4 -- The Catholic Response to Same-Sex Relationships

A defense of the Catholic teaching about the nature of marriage.

The relation between the civil government and marriage is rooted in the protection of children. The government has no business making a legal recognition of "love" -- this is not what marriage law is about. Marriage law is designed to regulate and protect that union which can produce children, for the sake of the protection and well-being of children. Therefore, no love which is precludes children can be regulated by marriage law. This does not mean that one love is better than another or that certain persons are better than others, but only that the love of an husband and wife is ordered toward children in a way that no other love can be.

When the Church states that same-sex relationships cannot be afforded the same legal standing as marriage, we do not state that there is nothing good in these relationships, but only that the very nature of such a relationship is that it cannot beget children.
Even as it would be absurd for the government to offer a legal certificate declaring two persons to be best friends, it is utterly absurd for there to be legal recognition of the love of same-sex relationships.

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