Jul 27, 2015

Sunday Sermon, July 26 -- The Key to Interpreting the Bread of Life Discourse, the Waking on Water

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 26 -- The Beginning of the "Bread of Life Series" from St John's Gospel, opening with the Multiplication of Loaves and continue in the next four Sundays with the Bread of Life Discourse.

To understand the Bread of Life Discourse we must recognize the immediate context of this sermon which Jesus gave and John records in the sixth chapter of his Gospel. The Bread of Life Discourse is in parallel with the multiplication of the loaves and fish, with Jesus walking on the stormy waters to rescue the disciples being in the middle and at the heart of the two. 

Jesus comes to the disciples upon the water, but they cannot recognize him with their sight, it is only when they hear his voice "It is I, do not be afraid" that they have faith and receiving him into the boat to save them. This is the key to interpreting the Bread of Life Discourse -- the boat is the Church, the sea is the world, and we are the disciples. We sometimes seem to be all alone in the world, but Jesus comes to us in a manner unrecognizable to our sight (he looks like bread), but we hear his voice "This is my Body, this is my Blood" and we believe and truly receive him into our own bodies and souls.

This is why the Bread of Life Discourse can't be a metaphor and the Eucharist can't be a symbol -- because a metaphor wouldn't have saved the apostles, and they didn't receive a mere symbol of Jesus into the boat. 

Finally, the fact that Jesus cares for every little fragment of the multiplied loaves, shows us the reverence we must have for every piece and crumb of the Blessed Sacrament.

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Tuesday Catechesis, July 21 -- The Epilogue of St John's Gospel -- Adult Formation on John, Session 12

Final session in our series on Catholic Commentary on the Gospel of St John.
Considering the Epilogue, Chapter 21 -- The great haul of fish, the supremacy of St Peter, and the death of St. John.

Handout is below the audio.

Daily Sermons, July 21-24

Homilies from daily Masses -- July 21-24.
St. Lawrence of Brindisi, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Shrabel.

Jul 19, 2015

Sunday, July 19 -- The spiritual meaning and biblical foundation of the Brown Scapular

Thursday, July 16 was the feast of our Lady of Mount Carmel, and of the Brown Scapular which Mary gave to St Simon Stock on this day in 1251 with the promise that whosoever should die wearing the scapular would not suffer eternal fires. This is the promise of salvation given to all who devoutly wear the Brown Scapular, not as a "good luck charm" but as truly being clothed with Mary, with her love, her protection, and all her virtues.

This is essential to understanding the scapular: It is a piece of clothing. It comes from the religous garb of the Carmelites and is rooted in the Jewish traditions laid out in the book of Numbers. All devout Jews wore a scapular -- Jesus, Mary and Joseph all wore scapulars. The Apostles all wore the scapular.

Through the prophet Elijah (1 Kings 18:44), the Blessed Virgin Mary came to the world as "Our Lady of Mount Carmel", calling to mind by the appearance of a cloud that she would crush the head of the ancient serpent with her own heel and with the heel of her Son.
The Brown Scapular of Carmel is nothing less than the mantle or scapular with which Elijah called Elisha. When Elisha took up the Brown Scapular of Elijah, the Scapular of Mount Carmel, he had received a double portion of the spirit of Elijah.

In these dark times, we all need a double portion of Elijah's spirit, we all need the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

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July 14 -- Tuesday Adult Formation Series on the Gospel of St John, The Resurrection -- session 11

Adult Formation Series on the Gospel of St John, The Resurrection appearances to St Mary Magdalene and St Thomas.

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Jul 18, 2015

Eucharistic Conference -- August 16 to 21

Eucharistic Conference

Corpus Christi Catholic Parish -- 410 22nd Ave NE, Great Falls, MT -- (406)453-6546
Sunday, August 16th to Friday, August 21st

Daily Schedule
5:30 PM Solemn High Traditional Latin Mass
6:45 PM Light dinner provided
7:30 - 8:30 PM Conference on the Eucharist
8:30 - 9 PM Adoration and Benediction
40 Hours Eucharistic Devotion
Wednesday 5:30 PM to Friday 9 PM
Bishop Michael Warfel will be presenting the talk Wednesday, August 19th to start our Solemn 40 Hours Eucharistic Devotion
Block rooms available at Staybridge Suites (406-761-4903) with a kitchenette starting at $109.99, and a basic room at Best Western Hotels (406-761-1900) starting at $89.99. Reserve by August 1 for discount. Mention “Corpus Christi”.
Come experience the beauty of the Roman Liturgy in its most solemn and exalted form, while learning more about the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar through nightly conferences given by priests joining us from around the country, all of whom have received advanced degrees from Pontifical Universities in Rome.
For those unfamiliar with the Traditional Latin Mass, booklets and instruction will be provided.
IF YOU CAN ONLY MAKE A COUPLE DAYS OF THE CONFERENCE -- I recommend you try to come for Wednesday through Friday, as these will be special "family days" with fun family time each day at noon at Giant Spring Park, the family Rosary, and also many special devotions for the 40 Hours Eucharistic Devotion starting Wednesday night!

Daily Mass Homilies --- July 14-18

Daily Sermons, July 14 through July 18.
St Kateri, the Brown Scapular, the Precious Blood, The Nativity with St Joseph part 1

Jul 13, 2015

Sunday Sermon, July 12 -- The Anointing of the Sick

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time -- July 12.

We read in the Sunday Gospel that the Twelve anointed many sick persons which oil and cured them -- this indicates the matter of the sacrament of anointing of the sick, perhaps the most misunderstood sacrament in the Church today. In this homily, we discuss the nature and pastoral use of Anointing of the Sick.

Below the audio is a list of articles that will help to clarify further: 

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This sacrament is only given in danger of death  Anointing of the Sick is called the sacrament of the dying [here] 
Only the sick can receive this sacrament – When should I receive anointing of the sick; or How sick is sick? [here]
When surgery may occasion this sacrament – Should anointing of the sick be given before surgery? [here]
Only priests can confer this sacrament  Why can't deacons confer Anointing of the Sick [here]
Young children can’t receive this sacrament – Why can’t young children receive anointing of the sick? [here]

Jul 11, 2015

Daily Sermons, July 7 - 11

Daily Sermons, July 7 -11.
Priestly Vocations, St Elizabeth of Portugal, The Chinese Martyrs, St Felicity, The Visitation.

Jul 5, 2015

Sunday Sermon, July 5 -- The Brothers of the Lord, and the Perpetual Virginity of Mary

St. Mark tells us the names of for of the "brothers" of Jesus -- James, Joses, Judas, and Simon. The term "brother" is often used in Scripture to refer to a cousin rather than to a literal blood brother.

We know that these cannot be blood brothers of Jesus, son's of Mary and Joseph. Indeed, St. Matthew (27:56) specifies that the mother of James and Joses was another Mary who, St John (19:25) tells us, is the wife of Cleophas!  The Catholic Church knows the Bible better than any protestant, because Catholics were the ones who wrote the New Testament.

These "brothers" aren't children of Mary, nor are they children of Joseph from a previous marriage -- Matthew 27 and John 19 show that they are the children of Cleophas and another Mary not Mary the Mother of God! Nothing in Sacred Scripture would lead us to think that Mary had any children beside Jesus, nor even that St Joseph had any children from a previous marriage; in face, the Bible teaches that the "brothers and sisters" of Jesus can't possibly be children of either Mary or Joseph.

We consider further that the people of Nazareth rejected Jesus precisely because they didn't pay due honor to Mary and Joseph and the other saints -- if we want to be true followers of the Lord, we must be intensely devoted to those two to whom He was most devoted, Mary and St. Joseph. Further, we must beg our Savior for a true love and reverence for all the saints.

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Jul 4, 2015

Daily Homilies of June 29 - July 4

Sermons of the 12th Week of Ordinary Time.

Sts Peter and Paul, Roman Martyrs, Bl Junipero Serra, St Thomas, The Annunciation.