Apr 12, 2015

Sermon for Divine Mercy Sunday, April 12

Pope Francis has announced a year of mercy!
It is important to consider what is true hope in Divine Mercy and how the devil tempts us to presumption and then to despair.

If I sin against justice, I can run to mercy. But if I sin against mercy, where shall I turn? I will be lost.
To sin against mercy is to say, "A merciful God wouldn't really send anyone to hell." Or, "I can commit this sin, God is merciful and he will forgive me if I repent."

However, now is the time of mercy! Now is the time to repent and receive the infinite riches of Divine Mercy!
There is no sin that cannot be overcome, if we turn to God's mercy. I am convinced that we will all be saints, if only we accept Divine Mercy in our lives TODAY, not tomorrow or the next day, but right now.

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