Apr 29, 2015

Good Shepherd Sunday, April 26 -- Christ alone feeds his flock with his own doctrine

Christ is the Good Shepherd who feeds and defends his sheep.
He feeds them with his own teaching, and he defends them by dying that they might live.

The Church is a big tent, all are welcome, there is room for everyone. But Jesus is the Shepherd and he alone feeds the sheep, and there is only one Gospel and one doctrine. Therefore, all are welcome, but not all ideas. There is room for everyone, but not room for every opinion.
In fact, no other doctrine is welcome in the Church, but that which is professed as the true Faith. And there isn't room for any opinions in the Church when it comes to matters of faith and morals.

And priests who preach their own opinion or who dissent from Church teaching are not your friends, they are the enemies of your salvation, they are wolves and not shepherds.

Priests today are called to lay down their lives for the sheep. That means sacrificing their reputation in order to teach the truth that comes from Christ, through his Church!

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