Mar 30, 2015

Daily Sermons of Passion Week, March 24-28

Daily Sermons of the First Week of Passiontide, March 24 - 28.

St. Joseph, The Annunciation, Abraham, Jesus' knowledge, Peace

Mar 24, 2015

Sunday Sermon, March 22 -- A description of the Passion, part 1

We enter the season of Passiontide, in which we cover the Crucifix and also the statues and images with purple veils. The purple veil over the Cross symbolizes the many wounds with which Christ was covered. Even as he was so horribly disfigured in his Passion as to be unrecognizable, so too his image on the Cross is hidden and unrecognizable in Passiontide.

These wounds are a cry of love and a cry for love. He shows his love for us, and also calls for our love in return.

Here follows a vivid description of the passion of Jesus Christ, up to the 8th Station of the Cross inclusive.

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Daily Sermons, March 17-21

Daily Sermons of March 17-21.

Total Consecration, The Man Born Blind, St Joseph

Mar 19, 2015

Sunday Sermon, March 15 - Catechesis on Salvation by Grace through Faith

"By grace you are saved through faith"
"For God sent his Son into the world that whoever believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life. [...] Whoever does not believe has already been condemned."

What it means to be saved by grace through faith.
Two modern errors: 1) The heresy of thinking that it's not important what we believe, so long as we are "good people".  2) The heresy that works are of no avail, but it is grace/faith alone that saves.

The nature of faith, and what it means to "believe".

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Mar 14, 2015

Weekday Homilies, March 10-14

Daily Sermons, March 10 through 14.
Total Consecration to Mary, God's Law and Human Customs, , Jesus makes the sinner to be just.

Mar 10, 2015

Sunday Sermon, March 8 - Jesus cleansing the Temple, desiring to cleanse our souls

When Jesus cleanses the Temple, he shows us that he desires to set the worship of God at the center of our souls.

If, when we come to Sunday Mass, we place our own desires and opinions at the center rather than the love of God and the tradition of the Church, then there is no hope that God will be the center of our lives out in the world.

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Mar 7, 2015

Daily Sermons, March 2-7

Daily Sermons for March 2nd through March 7th.
On Contrition, Consecration to Mary, Serving God in a divine mode, hell is not empty, God will put to death sin within us, How to become a great saint

Mar 2, 2015

Sunday Sermon, March 1 -- The sacrifice of Isaac prefigures the Cross of Christ

Sermon for the Second Sunday of Lent, on the testing of Abraham and the sacrifice of Isaac as a prefigurement of the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Mount Moriah is the place where the Jewish Temple was later built. On the far side of that mount is an outcropping which was later called Golgatha. Jesus carried the wood of the Cross up the very same slopes where Isaac carried the wood for the sacrifice.

Further, we know through St Paul's Letter to the Hebrews that Abraham had explicit faith in the resurrection from the dead -- for he reasoned that, if he did sacrifice Isaac on the mountain, God would raising him back to life and fulfill the promises through him.  (Hebrews 11:17ff)

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