Feb 24, 2015

Sunday Sermon, February 22 - The logic of Fasting from food and abstaining from meat

Many persons, thinking themselves wiser than the Church and all the saints, will propose in their blindness that one need not necessarily give anything up for Lent, but rather it will be enough simply to add something. This is utter folly.

Further, many today think that there is no good reason why Christians have always abstained from eating meat on Fridays (rather than from any other food) -- but there is good reason, there is a logic to the Church's practice.
And, after 2,000 years in many different cultures and with many different people, the Church has still found that the best way to become a saint includes abstaining from meat on Fridays.

In this homily, we see why fasting from food and abstaining particularly from meat is so effective in making us holier.

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