Feb 15, 2015

5 Sermons on the Mass -- How to gain the greatest spiritual benefit from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Sermons on the Mass given at Corpus Christi, Great Falls, MT.

Sermon 1: On reverence at Mass. Reverence for humility, humility for love. This is why we have all the "rules" about how and where Mass is celebrated -- for the sake of greater love. This is why we offer the Mass in the Church on an altar, and with many acts of reverence.

Sermon 2: On the entrance procession - the Mass has a forward movement, and an upward movement. This is why the priest ought to celebrate facing in the same direction as the people, toward God; rather than, as is usually done, where the priest turns his back to God and faces backwards toward the people. Also, the Liturgy of the Word as an act of worship, not Bible study.

Sermon 3: The offertory. The people have a sacrifice to offer at Mass as well - no one is a passive spectator! During the offertory, when the priest offers the bread and wine to God, the people join him in offering themselves, their joys and fears, all their desires and prayers! The priest offers Mass for a particular intention, you should do the same! Offer your participation in Mass for whatever needs you have!

Sermon 4: The Eucharistic Prayer. The high-point of the whole Mass. The words of consecration, which make the bread and wine to become the Eucharist, are the Mass. These words make the Mass a sacrifice, since the Body and Blood are consecrated separately, even as they were separated on the altar of the Cross. The elevation couldn't possibly be long enough, since the priest is holding up God himself for us to worship and love him!

Sermon 5: The Communion Rite. How to receive the Eucharist in a way that will be most fruitful to the soul.
1) We must be in the state of grace to receive Communion.
2) An interior spirit of kneeling and adoration when we come to Communion.
3) Making a thanksgiving prayer after Mass - staying after Mass to pray for around ten minutes.

Sermon 1: Reverence at Mass
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Sermon 2: The Liturgy of the Word
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Sermon 3: The offertory
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Sermon 4: The Eucharistic Prayer
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Sermon 5: The Communion Rite
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