Oct 19, 2012

Introducing our parish website

In order to more easily spread information regarding any changes or updates in Corpus Christi parish, we are now launching our new parish website!

You may find it helpful to request updates (automatically) via email by entering your email address into the "Receive Email Updates" label on the left side column.

Notice the various tabs along the top, just under the picture header:
The "Home" page - which shows all the most recent posts
The "NOTICES!" page - contains any major changes to the parish schedule of confessions and/or Masses.
The "Latin Mass" page - updates on the celebration of the Traditional Mass in our parish.
"Fr. Ryan's blog" - The New Theological Movement blog, which Father Ryan has kept since his final days in seminary.
The "Contact us" page - with information of how to get in touch with the parish staff.

Click on any of these "tabs" to open the page!

We hope to develop the parish website a great deal over the coming months, so check back often!