Oct 16, 2019

October 15th -- Adult Ed Sessions on the City of God, Session 10 of 16, Abraham to Moses

In this series, which has extended several months, we are working through the classic City of God by St Augustine. This is one of the most influential books of all time, and sets forth an Historical Theology of the progress of the City of God from Creation to the end of time.

Session 10: We focus on the story of Abraham, and conclude with a brief discussion of the remaining chapters of Genesis.

Sunday Sermon, October 13th -- Life Issues, Abortion

The month of October is the "pro-life month" - and so we will be preaching on issues related to life. Beginning with conception and birth (speaking on contraception, IVF, and abortion), we then will move to end of life issues (specifically, physician assisted suicide and the death penalty).

In this homily, we consider abortion not only as an attack on the unborn child, but also as an attack on the mother and upon all women. Because abortion is often promoted as a "women's health" or "women's rights" issue, we look at how abortion hurts women.

From the Church and from God, there is only mercy and forgiveness - there is no judgment, but only a desire to bring healing into the hearts of the many women and men who have been deeply wounded by participating in or themselves procuring an abortion.

We can work to stop abortion by prayer, fasting, boycotting companies that fiercely promote the culture of death, and especially by voting pro-life.

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October 8th -- Adult Ed Series, Session 9 of 16, Noah to Abraham

In this series, we are considering the City of God by St Augustine - one of the greatest works of theology, and perhaps more influential on the Middle Ages than any other book excepting the Bible.

Session 9: St Augustine traces the history of the City of God in Scripture, from Noah to Abraham.

Oct 7, 2019

Sunday Sermon, October 6th -- Life Issues: Contraception and In Vitro Fertilization

The month of October is the "pro-life month," and we will consider both beginning and end of life issues in four sermons throughout this month.  We will preach on issues related to conception (Contraception and In Vitro Fertilization), birth (Abortion, Stem Cell Research, Vaccination), death (Assisted Suicide), and criminal punishment (imprisonment and the death penalty).

Contraception is wrong because it is contrary to the nature of the marital act. Additionally, many forms of contraception (the Pill, IUDs etc) can and do cause early abortions. On the other side of the spectrum, while there are many legitimate medical means to assist couples struggling with infertility, IVF is a grave abuse and is an attack on the dignity of the child.

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October 1st, Adult Ed Series on the City of God, Session 8 of 10, From Adam to Noah

In this series, which will continue for about six months, we are discussing the City of God by St Augustine - one of the most influential books in human history, a book that formed Western Civilization.

In Session 7, we conclude our discussion of the creation and fall of the angels and more forward with the state of man before the Fall, the Fall itself and the reality of Sin, and the effects of the Fall.