Apr 24, 2017

Easter Sunday Sermon, April 16 -- The Paschal Candle and Easter Meditation

The meaning of the Paschal Candle: The candle represents Jesus, first in his passion (the Cross is marked on the candle), and in his burial (the five grains of incense recall the perfumed oil used to anoint his five wounds). The unlit candle represents Christ Crucified, who by his death is Lord of all time (hence the numbers of the year, and the "alpha" and "omega"). When the candle is lit, this represents Jesus' resurrection! His light illumines our hearts by the ministry of his priests, and we all then give light to the whole world.

Easter is longer than Lent, and is a season of many graces! We can be open to these by practicing daily mental prayer, meditation on the mysteries of salvation -- hopefully, for at least 10 minutes a day.

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Holy Thursday and Good Friday Sermons -- April 13 and 14

Holy Thursday, April 13 -- Jesus Presence in the Eucharist, the Priesthood, and Charity
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Good Friday, April 14 -- Consoling the Jesus on the Cross
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Palm Sunday Sermon, April 9 -- An Act of Contrition

Making a perfect act of contrition, in consideration of the love of Jesus for me made manifest on the Cross.

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Daily Sermons, April 4 to 22

Sermons from daily Masses for the final weeks of Lent and Easter week.

Apr 21, 2017

Divine Mercy Sunday, Parish Schedule

A few notes about Divine Mercy Sunday!
There are two things to be aware of: 1) The Church offers a plenary indulgence on this day. 2) Jesus promised special graces on this day.  The indulgence and the promise are similar, but not identical.

1) The plenary indulgence: This requires confession (up to 20 days before or after), communion (a couple days before or after), prayers for the Pope (Our Father, Hail Mary), no attachment to any sin, and the specific "work" is the mercy devotions. The devotions are those held in common in the church, or before the tabernacle to pray an Our Father and the Creed and "Jesus, I trust in you".

2) The promise of Jesus: That any who confess (up to two weeks before) and receive communion on Divine Mercy Sunday itself (Our Lord does not say that the Saturday evening Mass counts) trusting in his mercy, will have not only their sins but even all the punishment of purgatory will be completely washed away. This is the perfect renewal of the graces of baptism -- and it does not require complete detachment from all sin, but only that we trust in his mercy!

Divine Mercy Sunday Schedule

9 AM  - Solemn Mass with incense
11:30 AM - Low Mass, no incense

1 to 3 PM  - Confessions (only Father Ryan available)

3 to 4 PM - Solemn Adoration and Divine Mercy Devotions

[Also, we have our Adoration Breakfast in the parish gathering area all morning!]

Daily Mass Schedule Till the Summer

At least until the summer months, we will retain the Mass schedule for daily Masses as we had during Lent. Namely, Masses will be at 7 AM on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The main reason for this is the large number of people who are now able to attend daily Masses -- often 50 people, or more!

Daily Mass Schedule
Corpus Christi Parish, Great Falls, MT

4:30 PM Confessions
5:30 PM Mass followed by Perpetual Help Devotions and Rosary

Wednesday - Friday
7 AM Mass
4:30 PM Confessions
5:30 PM Rosary

9 AM Mass followed by Rosary
4:30 PM Confessions
5:30 PM Vigil Mass

9 AM Mass
11:30 AM Mass

*Note: Wednesday and Saturday mornings are the Traditional Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form)

Apr 2, 2017

Parish Schedule for the Final Two Weeks of Lent

Tuesday, April 4
4:30 PM, Confession
5:30 PM, Mass
6 PM, Devotions

Wednesday, April 5
7 AM, Mass
No 4:30 PM Confessions
No 5:30 PM Devotions

Thursday, April 6 (Chrism Mass in Billings)
No 7 AM Mass
No 4:30 PM Confessions
No 5:30 PM Devotions or Confessions

Friday, April 7
No 7 AM Mass
4:30 PM, Confessions
5:30 PM, Mass
6 PM, Station of the Cross followed by devotions

Saturday, April 8
9 AM, Mass
10 AM to Noon, Confessions
4:30 PM, Confessions
5:30 PM, Vigil Mass

Sunday, April 9
9 AM, Mass
11:30 AM, Mass

Tuesday, April 11
4:30 PM, Confessions
5:30 PM, Mass

Wednesday, April 12
7 AM, Mass
No 4:30 PM Confessions (Penance service on military base)

Holy Thursday, April 13
4:30 PM, Confessions
5:30 PM, Mass of the Lord's Supper
7 to 9 PM, Confessions with multiple priests available
7 PM to Midnight, Adoration

Good Friday, April 14
4:30 PM, Confessions
5:30 PM, Commemoration of our Lord's Passion
7 PM, Stations of the Cross

Holy Saturday, April 15
10 AM to Noon,  Confessions with five priests available
Noon, Rosary
12:30 PM, Decorate Church for Easter
10 PM to 12:30 AM, Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday, April 16
9 AM, Mass
11:30 AM, Mass

Sunday Sermon, April 2 -- The Raising of Lazarus and Confession

[pre-sermon note on why we veil the cross and other images during the final two weeks of Lent (passiontide)]

Lent is a time of preparation for the renewal of our baptism at Easter. We renew our baptism by confession, especially in preparation for Divine Mercy Sunday. Consider this week's Gospel in relation to the sacrament of Confession.

"Master, the one whom you love is ill." When we prepare for confession, we recognize that Jesus loves us so much! and that we truly are ill and in need of healing.

"And Jesus wept." When we confess we must be truly sorry for our sins.

"Show me where you laid him." We then confess our serious sins according to name and number, and our venial sins we confess as is most helpful to us.

"Untie the burial bands." Even after being forgiven, the stench of sin is around us. However, penance helps to free us from the bonds of sin!

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