Oct 16, 2016

Tuesday Adult Formation, October 13 -- Dante's Paradiso, Introduction (Part 1 of 4)

 The Divine Comedy has been named by Pope Francis as the official book of the Year of Mercy. We now turn to the study of the third part of the Comedy -- Paradiso.

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Dante’s Paradiso

I. Outline of sessions: Thursdays from May 19th to June 16th
                A. Sessions
                                1. October 13th: Introduction, Cantos 1-6
                                2. October 20th: Cantos 7-14
                                3. October 27th: Cantos 15-26
                                4. November 3rd: Cantos 27-33

                B. Reading schedule
August: Purgatorio, Cantos 30-33; Paradiso 1-5
September: Paradiso, Cantos 6-14
October: Paradiso, Cantos 15-24
November: Paradiso, Cantos 25-33

II. Introduction to Ptolemy’s universe.
A.   The Planets, the Sun, the Moon
B.    The stars
C.    The empyrean heaven

III. Introduction to the Paradiso
A.      Map of Paradiso (see handouts)
1. Under the shadow of earth (theological virtues)
                a. First Sphere - Faith
                b. Second Sphere - Hope
                c. Third Sphere - Love
2. Beyond the shadow of earth (cardinal virtues)
                a. Fourth Sphere - Prudence
                b. Fifth Sphere - Fortitude
                c. Sixth Sphere – Justice
                d. Seventh Sphere – Temperance
 3. The fixed stars and beyond (theological virtues, perfected)
                 a. Eighth Sphere – Faith, Hope, Love
                 b. Ninth Sphere – “First Moved”, the angels
4. The Empyrean Heaven
                a. The Mystic Rose
                b. Blessed Virgin Mary
                c. God Himself – The Trinity, The Incarnation
B.      Differences between Paradise and the other reals
1. The most “medieval” part? No!
2. Less politics, less about the world
3. Many saints
4. Much more philosophy and theology
5. Hell is only darkness, purgatory is light/darkness, heaven is only light
6. Hell was 2 days, purgatory 3 ½ days, heaven 24 hours

7. Saints are all in mystical rose, but appear in various spheres (cf. Canto 4, lines 27-39)