Apr 4, 2016

Sunday Sermon, April 3rd -- Divine Mercy, Storehouse of God's Treasures

Divine Mercy Sunday -- Sermon on receiving the mercy of God which is given especially on this day and through this image of Divine Mercy. On trusting in God's Mercy, not presuming upon it.
Imagine that the president of a bank opens the safe for a man and tells him he can take all the money that he wants, but that he will return and shut the door at some point and then the time for taking the money will be over. What would be the proper response? Not to procrastinate, not to get mad that the president would some day return and shut the door, not to become anxious about when the president might return. Simply to go in and receive the treasure! The Heart of Jesus is the treasury of Divine Mercy, and it was opened by a lance, and the time for receiving Mercy is now!

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