Feb 12, 2016

Dante's Inferno, Introduction and the first Cantos. Adult Formation on the Inferno of the Divine Comedy, Session 1 (of 6)

Pope Francis has named the Divine Comedy as the "spiritual guide" and official book of the Year of Mercy. Having already made a two part introduction to the Comedy, we now begin to study the Inferno which is the first part of the three part Divine Comedy.

Handouts are reproduced below.

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Dante’s Inferno
Presented by Fr Ryan

I. Outline of sessions: Thursdays from February 11th to March 17th<4sup>
            A. Sessions
                        1. February 11th: Introduction to the Inferno. Cantos 1-5
                        2. February 18th: Cantos 6-11
                        3. February 25th: Cantos 12-17
                        4. March 3rd: Cantos 18-23
                        5. March 10th: Cantos 24-29
                        6. March 17th: Cantos 30-34, Review of the Inferno
            B. Personal Reading
                        1. Month of January: Inferno, Cantos 1-9
                        2. Month of February: Inferno, Cantos 10-18
                        3. Month of March: Inferno, Cantos 19-27
                        4. Month of April: Inferno, Cantos 28-34; Purgatorio, Cantos 1-2
                        5. Month of May: Purgatorio, Cantos 3-11

II. Introduction to the Inferno
            A. The Map of Hell (see handouts)
                        1. Sins of Passion/Incontinence
                                    a. Circles 2-6
                                    b. Sins of Lust
                                    c. Sins of Wrath
                        2. Sins of Violence
                                    a. Against neighbors
                                    b. Against self
                                    c. Against God
                        3. Sins of Fraud/Malice
                                    a. Simple fraud
                                    b. Compound fraud – treachery
            B. Notice that this is a map of the seriousness of sins as well
            C. Also is meant to teach us how to respond to sin (see how Dante matures)