Sep 20, 2015

Sunday Sermon, September 20 -- How to Practice Mental Prayer, a step-by-step guide

On the necessity, importance and power of prayer. How to overcome distractions and dryness.
A step-by-step instruction on how to engage in Christian meditation.

Preparation - recognize God's presence in the whole world, where I am, in my soul. Ask for the assistance of Mary, Joseph, my angel, the saints.
Meditation - consider various aspects of the mysteries of our faith, of Scripture, of the Rosary. Focus especially on the love God has for you, and end by telling God how much you love him.
Resolutions - make some concrete plan on how to grow holier today. Resolve to pray again tomorrow.
Petitions and thanksgiving -- Ask God for all the graces needed today and tomorrow and the grace of salvation when you die. Ask God for all the other needs you have, and offer him all your concerns about family and friends. Thank God for this time of prayer, thank Mary and Joseph and your angel. Close with the Glory Be or some other prayer of praise and adoration.

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