May 27, 2015

Pentecost Sunday, May 24 -- The Personhood of the Holy Spirit on our Interior Life

Pentecost Sunday, the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Church.

The Holy Spirit isn't a "what" or an "it", the Holy Spirit isn't a "thing". The Holy Spirit is a "who", a "he", a Person. He is the Third Person of the Trinity, a real person, more a person than you or I.

If he is a person, then he knows and loves. He knows you and loves you, and he desires you to know and love him -- even as we can know and love the Father and the Son, we are called to have a true friendship with the Holy Spirit.

Every true friendship requires familiar conversation, and this is all the more pertinent with our Divine Friend, the Holy Spirit. How often do you speak with the Holy Spirit? How often do you listen to what he wants to speak to you?

This is the key to growth in holiness -- to listen to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.
He hear the Holy Spirit through the dogmatic teachings of the Church, through Sacred Scripture, through the lives of the saints, through legitimate authority, through our families and friends, through our neighbors, and especially through the poor.
Daily prayer allows us to recognize the Holy Spirit's work in our lives.

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